About The Company

How it all began

GAVI is an Italian enterprise founded by Gabriele Gabba. It is one of the first companies to adopt a new way of seeing and perceiving both interior and exterior design.

Different projects and schemes laid out before you will revolutionise thoroughly the restoration and renovation of your property following the latest fashion and trend.

Whether you need to enhance your chances of modernising and renovating apartments, shops, schools, hospitals, department stores, a whole team of experts will help you out showing you a range of decorative ecological films, a perfect example of energy conservation.

The film is suitable for covering all surfaces thanks to its wide range of different layers perfect to personalise fabrics and materials covering windows, walls, furniture, wrapping included.

Interior Design represents a new way of interacting with interiors giving you the opportunity to decorate and personalise your sofa, your walk-in closet, fridge, curtain,  even your ceiling.

GAVI focuses on working on that specific part of furniture you want to change.

It is fast and efficient.

Philosophy and Purpose

A unique contemporary style conjures the spirit of the Made in Italy brand.

That is what represents the best GAVI’s philosophy and girder. Nothing can be seen or conceived as a mere simple project of interior design, there is more behind.

The final product turns into a way of living and perceiving reality, a new lifestyle.

Our products are perfectly adaptable and can help you reinvent the setting or location you live in. It is possible to add a few changes fast like never before.

These procedures are not invasive at all and can easily help you express your creativity and personality.

After studying thoroughly every single part of the location our costumers are willing to change, we pick the most adequate product so it fits in excellently.

What we do is guarantee quality and reliability up to 10 years.

Gavi offers a wide range of different products

Our team of experts never stops working on different projects such as public spaces, hotels, restaurants, covering all parts of the locations: the living room, the bedroom all the way back to the kitchen, bathroom and all outdoors. GAVI decorates even boats and yachts trying to identify customers’ needs.

Flexibility and Italian craftsmen’s desire for perfection will meet your expectations.

GAVI’s specialists are strictly selected facing several training updated courses guaranteeing professional competence essential for all qualitative standards we demand.

Gavi is Environment-Friendly

Since the very beginning, we decided to set ourselves a goal: protect environment as much as possible.

That’s one of the reasons why GAVI considers the Integrated Management System as a fundamental part of its philosophy.

Here are some of our guidelines.
  • keep our Integrated Management System active trying to enhance it over the years
  • operate entirely in accordance with the law
  • a total compliance with the requirements dealing with our supplies
  • respect every single decision and request of all our customers
  • evaluate the risks and decide on precautions concerning the company we are working for
  • carry out all energy tests committing to protect environment
  • highlight the importance of renewable energy
  • be transparent and clear when dealing with our customers, suppliers, etc.
  • always trying to push the boundaries in order to excel