Via XX Maggio 35
-20099 S.S. Giovanni, MILANO

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GAVI’ s films for business were created to help you find an easy and fast solution at work. We can redefine your office no matter which is the field you are involved in.

You can personalise our products and reinvent the space around you as you like it most.

What we do is not invasive and we wouldn’t change a single part of the location you do not want us to work on.

Our schemes and ideas we carry along will revolutionise the way we conceive work.

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We can give a new life to your enterprise without letting you waste a single day at work.

Our team of experts are strictly selected undergoing examinations in order to acquire professional competence keeping up all qualitative standards we have always insisted on much.

Don’t forget we can work overnight, on Sundays and public holidays.

We are always available.

Here is a list we would like to draw up so you can see all we can do for you: you may want us to use stickers (film transfer), or even films we use on walls. There is much more! Think about furnishing or adding slight changes on floors or ceilings.

Our non-scratch films are even washable.

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No solvents, no glues. Our films a perfectly eco-compatible and harmless.

We care about environment and believe pollution doesn’t help people live a better life on Earth. That is the reason why we spend time looking for the right  materials we think of as a milestone of our research.

  • a personalised project
  • a whole team of competent experts
  • you can rely on our professional advice whenever you want

We think these are three elements a company can’t live without.

You can rely on us!