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As you might have already noticed, GAVI offers a wide range of products dedicated to your home design.

Now you can give a new life to objects you would never part ways with for different reasons. Our films help you prequalify completely your favourite objects.

It is all about restyling your surroundings without spending much.

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We use resistant materials. They are perfectly washable as well as capable of being personalised. Whether we talk about the workplace or simply home, the GAVI films guarantee reliability Made in Italy.

It is fast, it doesn’t cost much  and it all can be seen once we redefined the reality of your dreams.

An innovative astonishing technique you will love for sure!

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Walls and floors, furniture, chairs or tables. It doesn’t matter what you want to change around you.

We can turn everything upside down and revolutionise your world in a way you have never imagined before.

We easily adapt to your own taste. What matters most is what our customers is looking for. Your wish, our command.