The wide range of films we offer may help you add a few optical changes that will transform the window which will perform like never before.

High quality is guaranteed.

Privacy can be required for different reasons, and an application of privacy window film is an effective way of achieving it. There is even the

sun-protecting film which can prevent you from getting hurt by sunlight.

Whether we deal with offices, apartments or whatsoever, our films give you a lot:

they can reduce all useless and annoying reflection you might have encountered in the past, help you save energy instead of wasting it. The building itself acquires a new personality.

Our specialised experts will apply them. You don’t have to worry about anything!

There are many reasons why we would suggest you to rely on our window films.

High quality is a must.

Whether we are talking about a huge building packed with offices, or simply your cozy home, a single decorative film for windows helps you:

  • save energy
  • find a better work environment
  • reduce useless reflexions you can’t wait to get rid of
  • no more faded window tints
  • increase your safety

The whole building will look better acquiring a new personality.

Solar window

Our films harmonise your interiors. They help you reduce all costs for air conditioning.

There is going to be up to 10 years guarantee. That is one of the reasons why it is worth saving energy.

Plus, we comply with all which is required and listed in the “Testo Unico” D.Lgs. 81/2008 concerning the security in the workplace.

What is being usually used in general is not enough. Most of the solar films seen so far wear off easily.

GAVI’s films offer a solution once and for all because we use all avant-garde technologies.

Here is a list showing the wide range of solar window films we offer:

  • sticky films for windows
  • obscure window film
  • thermal window film (to retain heat in winter)
  • reflective window film
  • spectrally selective window films
  • sticky / adhesive film
  • window tint
  • color window tint
  • filtering window film
Safety films

Windows can be even seen as a danger in different circumstances.

A fire, violent shoves or a hard push, random acts of vandalism could cause terrible damage.

The security window film (or, the so called anti-shatter glass) turns your glass into a “security glass”.

It won’t be easy to break through the glass door.

It can be applied easily whenever you want. It can even be applied on the pre-existent glasses, no need to change any of them. You won’t need to take a single day off. We will be done by the time you get off work.

The security film GAVI SAFETY will make sure we secure each window surface as it is required by the law (Testo Unico D.Lgs. 81/2008).

After we apply our films, you can easily obtain a certificate corresponding to all european regulations.
Anti-UV Window Film

Swiss Cancer League recently revealed glass does not offer the required protection against ultraviolet radiation, whereas  anti-UV window films GAVI, due to their unique composition, let less than one per cent of the sunlight in offering protection.

That is what helped many extremely sensitive to light to overcome what caused previously severe health problems. These anti-UV window films can be both used in your car or apartment.

Decorative films for shop windows

Shop windows are fundamental in attracting and tempting customers before getting in.

Often, though, these windows carrying no protection discolour all that lies behind the glass. Think of all those clearly faded wallpapers you might have bumped into in the past!

That is not the only reason why we suggest you to rely on GAVI. The temperatures easily go up and both customers and clerks do not feel good enough to go on doing their job as they would like to.

GAVI can sort things out once and for all.