Our Colorpaving Resin

Several years’ experience gave life to GAVI’s floors. As time went by the way resin used to be applied drastically changed. It is no longer used only in an industrial setting but can be seen in offices, shops, malls, etc.

GAVI Colorpaving represents a cycle of polyurethane resin and epoxy resin.

containing a very small percentage of organic matter used specifically for the coating of floors.

  • ceramic
  • concrete
  • stoneware
  • marble
  • stone
We are the only ones working with both resin and these materials at the same time.

Here is a short lists of what we can obtain using that method.

  • the first part of it sticks immediately and fits all surfaces
  • the second part plays a very special role and works as a barrier, no water could go through
  • the third one is simply decorative
  • the last one helps all shine dazzlingly

The last layer gives you the possibility to choose different colours, there are six we would suggest :

Colorpaving Stucco – the surface that uncovers before your eyes is smooth and slightly shaded (chiaroscuro).

Colorpaving Lorpaving Epox Delavè – you can easily get it by using a spatula and the final result is nothing else but a metallic sheen on your floor.

Colorpaving Industrial Chic : there is no chiaroscuro here, the colour is uniform, the texture we behold resembles a swallow’s tail.

Colorpaving Epox Concrete : the chiaroscuro is present, what becomes clear is a very minimalist touch that makes the floor look like concrete.

Metallic Colorpaving: it all looks like a shiny sheet-metal .

Film Tinting

You can choose the colour you like most, there is a wide range you can pick from.

There are more than 3000  different colours.

The Finishing Touch

The last few layers are those capable of shining most, it depends on you.

There are different versions you may be interested in :

  • the shiny and bright photo
  • the pearly photo
  • an opaque photo
  • a metallic photo

It is up to you.

GAVI is certified Classe A+ (no organic volatile material emissions).

GAVI is also certified because it respects the food industry too (UNI 11021:2002).

Why Choosing GAVI

Don’t waste precious time! Call us immediately.

Our experts need no more than 5 days to finish a perfectly redefined work up to 200- square-meter surface.

What are the advantages of using our films on ceramic floors?
  • it is hygienic
  • it is fast
  • it is even warmer when touched
  • when heating up a room, one of the first parts that will absorb energy will be the floor.
  • you can personalise each part whenever you want. Rely on GAVI’s experts